Moving is tough. Packing up boxes, moving boxes into a truck, moving boxes off of a truck take a toll on your body. Deciding which items to pack first, choosing the things you will donate or throw away, and organizing the boxes in a way that you think makes sense (spoiler alert: the day before the truck comes the remaining boxes are labeled “MISC”). That part is mentally taxing. Saying goodbye to a place you called home and to friends you called family is no doubt the hardest part. 

But there is a way you can make at least that last part a little less traumatic: Say Goodbye. Don’t ghost. It’s what I did, and while I do not regret moving, I would rewind the clock to June 2013 so I could properly Say Goodbye to the people I loved. My friends. But I didn’t. I just left. A handful of folks knew, but so many learned from word of mouth. Not my mouth. 

A year after I moved, a family from my former town moved too. But they did it right. I watched in envy on Facebook the parties and farewells and Moving Day pics. They were sad, but with others by their side. I am sure they were no less sad than I when they left a magical, idyllic town, but there was a celebration of sorts that helped make their departure a bit more festive. 

When your decision to move becomes a definite happening, start telling everyone then! Friends and family will be shocked! Questions about why will be asked. Stay strong and remember that you and your family discussed this long before you shared the news. Let your last days in your current world be all about how much you will be missed. Your friends and family will miss you. Some are actually jealous that you had the good idea to get up and do something different. And be sad with them. Emote. You WILL miss them. You WILL miss the way things are done in your old neighborhood. 

Saying goodbye gives you closure. It punctuates an important time in your life. Don’t ghost. Say Goodbye!!